Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pennies From Heaven!

It happened one July when, instead of frigid temperatures, the air was summertime-hot, and instead of a blanket of snow draping the mountains, they were brown and dry and parched from the sun.

A dear friend of mine had sent me a picture on Facebook. The scene was a department store, with the focus of the picture being a handbag display. Shoulder bags adorned dark mannequins, colorful purses were placed on small crates. And there, in the very center of the display, was a beautiful, gold leather, Kate Spade purse. Shaped like a piƱata.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stop It!

My curly-haired Irish saint (who is also known as Bridget, ha!) has recently favored a new phrase; some snappy vernacular to add to her already "saucy" vocabulary.

That little turkey will not stop saying, "Stop it!"

Monday, December 11, 2017

Seeing Through the Mud

I once wiggled and climbed (and even waded) into the dark bowels of a cave in Southern China.

Looking back, I'm not entirely certain our excursion was "OSHA approved." Which is just my attempt at cleverly saying "safe." Dudes. I don't think it was safe.

For starters, we were given random, mismatched, ill-fitting military helmets to wear. (Eh?!) Our guide was like a poster boy of "DID NOTS:" Did not speak English. Did not have a pocket first aid kit. Did not have proper licensing or accreditation from the "Licenses to Go Into Caves" committee. Did not carry a map or a flashlight. And I don't recall him wearing shoes.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Sunday Drive and The Spirit of Gratitude

I fear James and I are becoming old people.

Photo cred: Aly Brooks photography
He gets grumpy when unfamiliar cars park outside our house ("I'm going to go turn the sprinklers on"), and I get tired before Late Night With Jimmy Fallon airs ("It's only ten? It feels like it should be midnight"). It's sad. We used to crank Beastie Boys in the car and jam! Now we turn the radio off because our children, clobbering each other in the backseat, are loud enough.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Everything Is Exactly As It Should Be

I could tell something was off the moment I saw her.

Photo credit: catcherintheryephotography.com
She walked towards the car alone; her narrow shoulders slumped as if the weight of her fifth-grade-world sat upon them. Her head hung low and her hair shadowed her delicate face. She let her overstuffed backpack drop from her shoulder  as she opened the passenger side door. She sat down wordlessly, turned her face to the window, and sighed.