Monday, August 1, 2011

A Paper Crown, A Reminder

Last Sunday--when I picked the Camster up from his darling, "toddler-ridden" church class--I noticed three things that warmed me to my "mama core" and made my heart melt like buttah:

1.) When I walked into the room, my little man greeted me with a happy, toothy grin that made me want to kiss his face off.  2.) He yelled, "Ma," and squealed for joy--no longer able to contain his elation over seeing my crazy face.  It made me want to kiss his face off.  3.) He was wearing a paper crown that had the words, "I Am A Child Of God," printed on it.

As I scooped Cam up into my arms, looked into his sparkly, puppy dog-brown eyes, and felt his chubby hands reach around my neck, I was struck by a deep realization:  I knew he was exactly what that crown said--a child of God.  

Occasionally, we go through discouraging periods in our lives when we feel painfully unimportant.  We may feel as though we aren't smart enough or good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough, not patient and kind enough, not fun enough.  We question our abilities (especially as mothers!) and wonder why our weaknesses outnumber our strengths.  We wrongfully compare ourselves to others and find we never, ever measure up.  We wonder if we matter.  Well, what a lovely and blessed reminder--sitting atop my baby boy's head--of our inherently divine nature!   

We ARE Children of God...and sometimes, we forget. 

In those moments, we need our own paper crowns to proudly wear; to remind us of the value of our souls.  What would those crowns tell us?  That we DO matter.  We are irreplaceable.  We are wonderful!  God did not send us to this earth to fail.  Our spirits are so special; our worth as infinite as the stars in the night sky.  Our potential for good is extraordinary.  We can do great things.

 (No thumb sucking required!)


  1. One of the hardest things as a mother was when I realized that God was actually better at taking care of my children than I. I knew it, but I didn't KNOW it. Then I remembered he felt the same for us as adults. Major epiphany moment!

  2. adorable. btw, im your newest follower from FMBT hope you can follow my blog too

  3. *sigh* my dear sweet friend... thank you for the reminder today. went the go arounds with the addict earlier and just needed to hear that.

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  5. Those are the moments that truly matter aren't they? So cute!

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  6. Aleisha, this post touched me in such a way and was just what I needed to read right now, as I lay in bed...sleepless. thank you so much for sharing. And thank you for your kind and sweet comment earlier. It brightened my day and made me smile :) trust me when I say, I definitely cracked open more than one diet coke today! ;)
    Your son is adorable in his crown and I couldn't agree more, we all need one of those!! :)
    Happy Wednesday to you! Xo

  7. Sometimes, as I was nearly crazy from trying to put a niece or nephew to sleep when I was babysitting, I remembered to sing, "I am a Child of God" to them. It eased them (the lyrics, not my voice by any means) and put them to sleep.

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  8. What a delightful post! I love the crown, and know a few people who could use that reminder!

    Jessica K

  9. What a sweet post - and a terrific picture!

  10. I really love this and I really needed to read it right now. Thank you for writing what I already know but so often fail to remember when I most need to.

  11. He's adorable! I'm your newest GFC follower. Thanks for linking up at the Lots of Lovin' blog hop. :)

  12. My favorite lesson to give. We called them kings and princesses, and their smiles were heart warming! I love nursery. Thanks for trusting us with your sweet boy.


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