Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Know

In nine days, my daughter turns five.

FIVE!  Cinco!  A nickel!  A whole handful!  Five fingers!  I.  Cannot.  Believe.  It.  She is growing up so quickly.

I cannot believe that I have been a mom for five years.  FIVE!  Naturally, I still feel like such a novice; like one stumbling around a pitch-black house during a nighttime power outage.  I keep thinking the lights will come on any minute, and then..."A-HA!"...I'll get it!  Illumination!  (AKA, wisdom.)  I'll finally know how to handle all things and all situations when it comes to being the mother of my munchkins!  Until that day comes (ha!), I'll sip my Diet Coke with a slice of lime.  I'll think about what motherhood has taught me.  As I have admitted, I don't know much.  But here's what I do know: 

--I will never "summit" the Everest-like mountain of laundry I constantly find overflowing from the hamper.  *Sigh*  There will always be laundry to do.  It will never go away...unless we stop wearing clothes.  I look totally weird naked, so that option is o-u-t, out!

--More often than not, eating out as a family is a scary adventure.  (How scary?  "Tomato-slices-flung-at-old-ladies" scary!  "Chocolate-milk-dumped-in-laps" scary!  "Annoying-fellow-diners-with-shrieks-of-'Cam-stop-touching-my-fries'" scary!)

--When Sharpie claims their markers are permanent....they mean it.

--Poop in the tub will always and forever be as disgusting as hell.

(NO poop in this tub pic, I promise!)

(Or this one!)

--Grocery shopping or running errands while kids are hungry and/or tired, is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea.

--Watching my husband play "house" with our daughter is like enjoying a warm funnel cake at the state fair...It is a sweet, special treat!

--Being a mom is a very tough job.  My "employers" are frequently difficult to work with.  There is no pay.  Sometimes, it is a thankless job. is by far the coolest and most extraordinary job I've ever had.

--The cure for a long, hard day is a cinnamon roll.  Or a cookie.  Or a doughnut.  Or a cupcake.  Or Taco Bell.  (That one was for you, Maria!)

--The names "Ma, Mom, Mother, Mama, Mama Leisha, and Mommy" will never, ever grow old for me.  They make my heart soar.

--Lastly, I am blessed

(I don't know much, but I do know that!)


  1. Ok, first, I had to LOL at your shout out to my gf, Maria! How can anyone not love that girl!!! She's one of my best friends, and I'd be lost in this world without her - - and TACO BELL :)

    Second...I woke up the BABY laughing that that sharpie picture!!!!!!!! AHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I don't know what is worse, the marker on the legs....or the SHARPIE MUSTACHE!!!!!! BAH-hahahahhahahahahahahahha! SO FUNNY!!!!!

    I love your blog! And happy 5 years {{almost}} as a mamma! My 5 years is in May....I hope my kids don't find the sharpies before then ;)


  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and ... yes to all of the above! Seriously, I quit. I quit writing (though I have been kind of slacking off in that particular department lately anyway) I still quit. Why should I write about my life when you are totally tapped into my thought process? You get it Mama Leisha, you totally get it. I practically pee my pants every time I read your latest post. Oh boy howdy do I ever get my jollies right here.

    PS - Happy 5th Year running as good ol' Mama Leisha and Happy Birthday to your darling daughter!


  3. That is just plain awesome. My boys are nearing 10 and 8 and every day I wonder how on earth I made this this far.

    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Love that picture of you and the kiddos!!
    You are too sweet to mention me in your post, and right next to my favorite two words...taco bell! :)
    Happy 5 years to you!! Omygoodness, lilly's mustache is hilarious and I love her hair do in the tub. I was sad to not see any poo pics! ;)
    I am laughing @ your description on going out to eat! Hahahahaha
    Happy almost birthday to lilly!

  5. you know much more than i, o wise sage HA!

  6. Love it! Bath tub poop is the worst thing in the world. That Sharpie mustache photo cracks me up! And I'm with you on the haunts me. As soon as I think I'm done, I round the corner and the hamper is full again. I'm thinking about hiring some ladies to hang out in my basement and just do my laundry and sewing all day every day...but Jeff said that sounds like a sweat shop and there would be a lot of red tape. *sigh*

  7. Why aren't you holding a diet coke in that last pic? Your kiddies have their drinks!
    You are so right, despite the permanent markers and poop (or vomit up the walls) being a mum is the best!!!
    Lovin' that bath time hairdo, and gosh your little Cam looks like you :)

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  9. This was so cute. I loved the mo-hawk picture and especially liked the absence of poo. What really cracked me up though? "I look totally weird naked."
    I snickered out loud. It just sounded funny to me.

  10. Awe you made me tear a little was my 4 year olds pre-school orientation and well I teared there too. I remember her days of "floaters" LOL!! I am a new follower from Bee Friendly Friday. I'd love you to stop by!

    PS- We are holding a Christmas Giveaway and Donation Drive event to benefit Toys for Tots and St Jude's. I hope you will think about joining in!

  11. Love your list...and no matter how hard our job is, it is also oh so rewarding!!


  12. I love this! Isn't it amazing how fast time is flying by? I keep searing for that ever elusive 'pause' button to no avail. ;) Congrats on being featured on Friendly Friday - it's nice to 'meet' you! :) I'm your newest follower. ;)

    To Nap or Not to Nap...

  13. Um, yeah, I need more coffee - that should be *searching, not searing. D'Oh!! :)

  14. Happy soon to be 5th birthday! Oh my gosh, those pics are adorable!

    I'm a new follower from Friendly Friday. Congrats on being featured! Hope you can stop by and say hi. :)

    Roller Coaster

  15. That is so sweet. And your daughter is so cute! It's amazing how fast time flies once you have kids. I loved your list. Couldn't agree more with the sharpy point. Been there, done that, still getting the ink off. ;)

    I really love your blog. I'm a new follower here from Sassy Sites. Feel free to stop by.

  16. Awww how sweet. I love that post.

  17. What a sweet and funny post! I love the tub pic with the sipkey hair...priceless! :) Hope you are looking forward to a great weekend. Congratulations on being the spotlight blogger on the Thanks, Mail Carrier blog hop this week how fun. I am a new follower and look forward to reading more.

  18. Thanks for stopping by Mel Dreams Often. How do I follow you? I hate poop in the tub. My daughter did it one time and I thought it was a granola bar. I started breaking it apart in my hand and smelled it, and screamed "poop". Terrible.

  19. Oh nevermind, I see your Google friend connect. It wasn't coming up.

  20. I'm a new follower! Please follow back if you get the chance! :)

    And Then There Were 4...

  21. Oh Mama Leisha, I fell in love at first post. I just hadn't got up the nerve to tell you so. Dang, cats out of the bag now. Well, now that I know you feel it too ... I want to shout it from the rooftops! "I t-totally lurve me some Mama Leisha!" Too much? Yeah I thought so, I'll dial it back a bit. I'm so glad that I had you "giggling like a doofus" that pretty much made my year! And you completely have all of the proper uses for the phrase "pee my pants" down pat! You couldn't possibly freak me out with all of your gushing over my "so-called" awesomeness; gush away. I encourage it 100%, hahaha. So glad I could make your day ... you definitely have made mine on more than one occasion. Ah, soul mates. Whoop, whoop!

  22. Aww! What a sweet post. Your daughter is adorable, by the way! Cherish every minute you have together. They grow up very fast! My daughter, our only child who I homeschooled since 2nd grade, just left for college and it feels like she was 5 years old just yesterday!

    By the way, I'm a new follower from the "So Followed Saturday" blog hop. I'm new to blog hopping and am hoping to build my readership. I'd love for your to visit my blog -!

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