Monday, August 27, 2012

It's So Hard To Be Good

"Timeout," as a way to discipline my overtly sassy child, is not really working for us anymore.  What IS working is the concept, "taking privileges away."  Privileges--or beloved things--to a five-year-old might include:  fruit snacks, playing with friends, watching SpongeBob, or a favorite doll.  If Ms. Lilly acts in a way that is NOT appropriate, she gets a warning.  Her second offense usually leads to the loss of something she loves, i.e. one of the aforementioned items.  It's taken away...until she earns it back.

This lovely a.m., the following exchange went down at the breakfast table:

Mama Leisha:  Lilly, you've had your warning.  Now you have to give me your doll.
Lilly:  But whhhyyyy?
Mama Leisha:  You know why.
Lilly:  Is it because I hit Camren?
Mama Leisha:  Yes, and you stuck your tongue out at me.  Hand me your doll, please.

*Reluctantly surrenders Cinderella, who's hair looks like a rat's nest without the elastic in it.*    

Lilly:  When will you give it back to me?
Mama Leisha:  Remember, Lilly?  You have to earn it.
Lilly, pouting:  Well, how do I do that?
Mama Leisha:  By playing nicely with Cam, and being respectful to your mama when she's talking to you.  By being on your best behavior.
Lilly, sighing:  Oh geez, Mom!  That is going to take FOORREEVVVERRRRR!

I think someone needs to put ME in timeout, for the rest of the day!


  1. Ha! Ya, privledges do seem to get them every time. Or pushps. my boys have to do pushup as a punishment. They are very strong :)

    1. HA HA HA HA HA!!!! OH MY GOSH!! Pushups?! That is awesome! Thanks for making me laugh today!

  2. Hahaha! When my sister was around Lilly's age, she said something similar. She was exasperated at the thought of working to earn back her toy when my mom asked why she was so upset when all she had to do was earn it back. "Because that'll be SO HARD!" Haha. Kids!

  3. We had limited duration for the efficacy of time-outs as well.... LOVE your encounter shared! :)

  4. My mom used to make us both do a chore together. Then we had to hug each other. With my miss Lily being an only child it's different. It's always a loss of privileges. Today I took away her music and school supplies. Kids are weird!!! Have a dt coke!!

  5. hahahaha - oh the things kids say.

  6. Don't you hate when they change up the game? lol... timeout use to work so well for us too. We recently started with the taking privileges away.

  7. :) love this!
    I smiled picturing the convo between you and Lilly! I hope today this week is going well for you and for Lilly!!
    Have a nice night and take a bubble bath!
    I love you!!

  8. * I hope this week. Not "today this week" LOL

  9. haha what a doll!

    Have a great day! Stop by and say hello!

  10. Hahaha!!! Welcome to the years of attitude lol
    I've been here a while so it's about bloody time one of you joined me!! ;)

  11. Oh my! Lilly and Teagan would be best friends. Teagan makes me feel 50, and she has a mouth and attitude like no one has ever seen before. Taking stuff away does work. We started a reward chart. It seems to be doing great! Needless to say she hasn't tried to kill her brother lately!


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