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Thursday, March 28, 2013


A conversation between a mother and her daughter, while driving in the car to Target.

Lilly:  Mom, where does Dad work?

Me:  He's called a computer programmer, Lil.  He works with computers.

Lilly:  Oh.  But where does Dad work?

Me:  He works in a big office building, over there.  (Me, pointing.)  In Sandy.

Lilly:  Wow!  I had no idea he had to travel so far to go to work!  I can't believe Dad works in Texas!

Me:  Texas!  No, he doesn't work in Texas!  What makes you say that?

Lilly:  You said Sandy.  And that is where Sandy is from.  You know, Sandy from SpongeBob.  The squirrel?  She's from Texas!

Me, laughing:  Lilly!  Dad works in Sandy.  It's the name of a city.

Lilly:  In Texas?! Dad works in Texas. 

Me:  No, no!  Sandy is a city that is close to where WE live.  Dad works in an office building, the office building is in Sandy.  Sandy is a city.  It's a city right by us.  It's not in Texas!  It's not far away!  It's close.  (Me, pointing again.)  That way.  Right there!

Lilly:  What are we talking about?

Me (sighing, rubbing my temples,  wishing for a Diet Coke):  I HAVE NO IDEA!

Monday, March 25, 2013

At The Bottom Of The Laundry Basket

My Mama Jenneice is a good mom.

An Idaho farm girl to the core, she grew up milking cows and hoeing beets.  When she makes chocolate chip cookies or her infamous potato salad, she does not require a recipe.  She just "whips it up."

She never shirked from a chance to jump on the trampoline with us when we were kids, especially when a sprinkler was on underneath it.  We grew up engaging in many summertime water fights with my mom.  (Last July, I watched her have one with my twenty-five year old brother!)

Recently, my good mom spent the day at my house, babysitting my children.  This act of service was done on my behalf, so that I could attend the Story@Home conference.  She knew it was important to me and she wanted to help me out.

After a lovely day of informative classes, laughter and storytelling, and being with neat friends, I walked through my front door...and was met with a clean house!  It smelled like lemons and sparkled like diamonds.  My mother had become my fairy godmother and had gone to work, performing her magic all over my house.

The dishes had been done, the kitchen had been cleaned, the bathrooms had been scrubbed, and all the laundry had been folded.  I was amazed!  (And truly grateful.)  I thanked my mom, hugged and kissed her goodbye (because you should always hug and kiss your mother), and sent her on her way in her horse-drawn, pumpkin carriage.

My heart felt full and my burdens felt lifted as I wandered from room to room, admiring my mom's labor of love.  I went into Carmen's room.  His toys had been picked up and put away.  His laundry basket was empty.  I went into Lilly's room.  It was tidy.  Her laundry basket was empty.  I went into my room and noticed that all my bedding had been washed.  I glanced at my ugly, plastic laundry basket resting in the corner. 

I gasped and felt my cheeks slowly, slowly start to flush!  My nervous giggle broke the silence of my reverie as I stared and stared at the basket.

The ONLY, SINGLE, SOLITARY item remaining in my laundry basket was my SILKY, BLACK, "UNMENTIONABLE!"  My intimate apparel!  My Victoria's Secret nightie!  She had sorted, washed, and folded ALL my laundry, but had left "a little something" at the bottom of the basket.  A little something her maternal eyes did not need to see!  AAHH!  How embarrassing!  How mortifying!  How distressing!  After all, SHE'S MY MOM!!!!!

And I'm glad she is.
She's a good one.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A BIG Reveal!

(Six weeks ago...)

I tinkled on a plastic stick,
and was met with a surprise.
A small, blue plus sign
appeared before my eyes.

"Oh, wow," I thought to myself,
"Can this really be true?"
I went to the store, bought a second test,
And did the only thing I could do.

I tinkled on another plastic stick
and was met with a surprise.
Two pretty pink lines
appeared before my eyes.

I went to see my doctor,
who did a most excellent job,
Using all her fancy equipment
to find my little "blob."

So now this Mama Leisha
is so excited to be,
A proud Mama Leisha
to baby number THREE!

(As of the publishing of this post-a-roo, I am 12 weeks along!
Babe-alicious babe #3 is expected September 28th.) 

Monday, March 18, 2013

An Easter Project and 25 Shmacks!

I adore Easter!  New Easter dresses, chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies...I love it all!  With Easter just around the corner, I knew I needed something "springy" and bright and fun for my home's holiday decor.  What I came up with makes me "hop" for joy!  Stop by The Wood Connection's blog to view my ADORABLE project: 

A big THANK YOU to the Wood Connection for allowing me the opportunity to guest post!  (And for being so wonderful!)  The Wood Connection has generously donated a $25 gift certificate to be given to one lucky "Mama Leisha" reader.  Entering the giveaway is easy:

1.)  Simply follow Mama Leisha via GFC!  (Google Friend Connect on the right side bar!)  If you already follow, THANK YOU!
2.)  Like "She Calls Me Mama Leisha" on Facebook.  (You can click the "F"circle on the sidebar!)  If you already "like," THANK YOU!
3.)  Leave a comment stating you are a GFC and FB follower, and that you'd like to win.  (And who wouldn't want to win this, right?!)

The drawing will close Friday, March 22nd at 10:00pm MST.  The winner will be notified via email.  There is one caveat:  The Wood Connection is located in Murray, UT.  They do not ship their products.  The drawing would most benefit Utah residents, people who visit Utah often, or readers willing to travel to Utah to claim their prize!  (Thanks for understanding, and if you're willing to travel I'll take you out for a cheeseburger!) 

Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Croods and A Giveaway

(I received related products in compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.)

This is our new friend, Belt!  For the last couple of days, he has gone everywhere we have gone.  In the car, to the grocery store, and out to dinner. 

He was even spotted at Lilly's elementary school! 

Belt is from the new Dreamworks picture, "The Croods," which hits theaters March 22nd.  Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds star in this new, comedy adventure that follows the "first modern family" through a pretty incredible "road trip."  They are forced to face dazzling, never-before-seen creatures, as well as typical family challenges.  Chris Sanders, the writer and director of the film, stated:  "We came to realize that once you strip away all the stuff in our modern lives--jobs, cars, responsibilities--you drill down to what really matters, and that's family and friends."

 Mostly, "The Croods," is about family.   Will you leave the cave, and see it with yours?

To celebrate the release of this endearing and entertaining film, I would like to give you the opportunity to win your own "Belt."  (Did I mention he talks?  And that he's ridiculously cute?)  You can also win a Croods movie poster.  Hang it on your front door!

(Hmm...maybe not.  It's so awesome your neighbors might try to steal it!)  Hide all that soap scum and hang it on your shower door!

(Hmm...maybe not.  It might get wet.)  Hang it in your kitchen!

Wherever you hang your poster, and wherever your plush friend, "Belt," decides to go (grocery store, dry cleaners, etc), ENJOY them!  They'll add some caveman fun to your home, and get you excited about the movie!

How To Enter The Giveaway:
1.)  Follow Mama Leisha via GFC, if you don't already!
2.)  Like Mama Leisha on Facebook, if you don't already!
--Follow Mama Leisha on Twitter.

That's it!  Be sure to leave me a comment, stating that you've entered.  Winner will be notified March 21st.

 I hope your weekend is filled with "SUNSHINE," my friends!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Remember What You Love

Life certainly has it's challenges! 

It can be painful, overwhelming, and difficult for all of us--a long and winding road of potholes!  I suppose adversity is necessary and inevitable; a natural means by which we strengthen our characters.  We grow through our trials, we learn more deeply about who we really are, and hopefully, we become better people.

When I find myself struggling--hitting potholes left and right--I force myself to stop and focus on the small, simple, and beautiful things around me.  I pay special attention to the things I love and give thanks for them.  Things like:

A sunny spot and a comfy couch.  A beloved book about bread and jam.  Pink socks.  Blue sky.  The pine tree towering outside the window.  A good grandma who takes time for her loved ones.  Chocolate chip cookies and a quiet afternoon.  The light that comes from a happy child's face.  Recognizing a moment...  Living in it.

 Henry David Thoreau said, "However mean your life is, meet it and live it."
 (Just be sure to remember what you love about it!)        

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ode to Bedhead

(If you ask some really terrific women to share their bedhead pics with you, they WILL deliver.  And what they will deliver is pure awesomeness!  Thank you bunches and bunches to all who contributed to this "hairy" post.)

Bedhead.  Bedhead.  Time to meet my pillow head.  Too tired to care about my hair head.  Bedhead.

Bedhead.  Bedhead.  Up and running head.  Work hard all day, exhausted by nighttime head.  Not enough sleep head.  Bedhead. 

Bedhead.  Bedhead.  Just five more minutes, hit the snooze button head.  Sleepyhead.  Not enough hours in the day head.  Bedhead. 

Bedhead.  Bedhead.  Gotta catch a break head. What's a bed?  Kids are up.  Morning already?  Need more sleep.  Bedhead.

Bedhead.  Bedhead.  Don't be fooled by our bedhead.  Like an iceberg, it's just the tippy top.  There's more than what you initially see.  More than crazy hair.

For beneath the turkey tails and rooster feathers, the cowlicks and the crowns; beneath locks that defy gravity, beneath the matted, the frizz, the lions' manes and the waves...

You will find something extraordinary.  An extraordinary woman.  

A woman who is brave.
A woman who is strong.

A woman who is fighting hard and winning battles.
A woman who will not let others define her.

A woman who is kind.
A woman who wants to be happy.

A woman who is blessing the lives of those around her.
A woman who will not be underestimated.

A woman who is beautiful.
A woman who is changing the world around her,
who is making it a better place.

A woman who is laboring to raise "the future."
A woman who knows she can do it.

Bedhead.  Bedhead.  Wonderful woman head.  Our jobs are tough, our jobs are never done; we go to bed when we can head.  Then, in the morning...

We rise.
And we shine.