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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Evidence

There are good dads all around me.

I love to watch them being good dads in simple, candid moments.  When they bend down to tie their toddler's shoe, or to push a gleeful child on a swing.  When they pat their teenagers' backs and cheer at little league baseball games.  I see good dads cleaning sticky faces, cradling babies, and jumping on trampolines with their summer-loving children.  These small and sincere actions are the undoubted "evidence" of a good dad.

There are good dads all around me.

Not only do I spot them in grocery stores and on playgrounds, on my street and in my community, but in my Instagram feed as well.  Lately I've noticed just how many wonderful pictures there are of good dads being good dads.  I wanted to share some favorites with you...

and remind you that there are good dads all around you too.

Photo courtesy of Shannon at Lucky Red Hen.

Photo courtesy of JP at After All These Years.

While my sis-in-law was out of town, my brother watched YouTube tutorials on how to braid their daughter's hair.  This is what he created!  Photo courtesy of Camille at Six Sisters' Stuff.
Photo courtesy of Maria at Everyday Is A Country Song.

Photo courtesy of Elyse at Six Sisters' Stuff.

Photo courtesy of Lindsey at The R House.

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."
--Author Unknown

Happiest of Father's Days to Good Dads Everywhere!


  1. Oh Aleisha, this is beautiful! Dads are awesome!

  2. That dad sitting with his little girl watching the cows was so sweet with her earlier but I didn't get a pic. It was her nap time, he lay on the grass next to her on a beautiful child-size quilt as she napped for a bit. They were in a shaded area on the side of all the commotion at the dairy farm. I heart good dad's. Thanks for featuring my photo :)

  3. These photos are so adorable :)

  4. There are few things in life so touching and sexy as a devoted and loving Father.

  5. this made me cry! I was like, heyyy, that's jp's guys! and then I saw pips and steve. you are too sweet. I love you. I miss you. we NEED to talk. I hope you're feeling well, my beautiful friend. <3<3<3

  6. Those of us with loving husbands and hands on dads are truly blessed :) Great pictures!!


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