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Monday, August 12, 2013

Boy Parts!

I think it's important to celebrate the "proud mom moments."  Those moments when we do or say something right, and we think, "Hey!  I'm awesome," or, "Golly, I handled that well!"  As moms, our thoughts tend to lean toward the negative and critical.  We get bogged down in what we think we're doing wrong.  What would happen if we stopped that nonsense?!

I had a "proud mom moment" recently.  It involved a straightforward conversation with Lilly about the differences between boys and girls.  I did not break out into hives.  I did not develop sweaty armpits.  I even said "the word."  An ugly, awkward-to-say (for me, anyway), easy-to-despise word...


Let me explain.  The littlest man in my life has newly embraced an affinity for streaking.  He loves to shed his clothes, get naked as a jaybird, and run wild and free throughout the house.  It makes me cuckoo!

One afternoon, Lilly was in the bathtub and Cam was streaking.  In between washing Barbie's hair and scrubbing her own feet, Lilly asked:

"Why does Cam have stuff that just dangles there?  What is it?  It's weird."

"Lilly, do you remember how you have private parts?," I asked.  "Well, boys do too.  That's Cam's."

She scrunched up her nose and looked at me, "Is his bum falling out?  It looks like something is falling out."

"No," I replied.  "He has a bum and then he has a private part.  Just like you.  You have a bum and a girl part.  A vagina, remember?  Cam's boy part is called a penis."

"PEANUTS!?," Lilly exclaimed.

"No, Lil.  Penis.  Peeenissss."

"Oh," she said, as she dumped a teacup full of water on Barbie's head.  "Well, it sounds like PEANUTS and IT is disgusting!"

And there you have it, folks.  I know that to many parents this seems like a silly moment to "jump for joy" over...but for me, it was a small victory.  I used correct terminology, was direct in my delivery, and remained "cool, calm, and collected" regarding a topic many find...panic-inducing?  Within a few minutes, Lilly was "over it"--growing bored of our impromptu anatomy lesson--and I was mentally acknowledging my "proud mom moment."

I think I need to lie down.
I think I need a Diet Coke.


  1. You handled it great! My little girl is only one and I'm already having anxiety about those kinds of questions!

  2. Hahahaha!!! Love it! You are such a good mom. I had boys first so I have a feeling this is coming soon for me, just in reverse :)

  3. I can SO relate. Especially since my daughter was an only child up until I married my husband 3 years ago. She gained an instant little brother, so things were so very new to her. ;)
    I think it's great you're upfront and say exactly what things are.

  4. I'll never have these funny conversations; but I love that you share yours! :) Giggling....

  5. Haha! This made me laugh, because I have three boys and will have to do the exact opposite of this talk when their baby sister comes in November. :)

  6. This is so cute! Way to go - you definitely deserve some mom points for that one. My favorite is that she asked if his bum is falling out.. hee hee! Kids are so cute! I don't know what I would have done! Stumbled over all of my words I'm sure...

    Yvonne @

  7. Love this post! You handled it so well!

  8. Is his bum falling out? Hilarious! (And good job using 'the word'. I grew up thinking it was a swear word. Got over that quick when I started having boys!)

  9. Good job!!! I'd be jumping for joy, too! My little guy is only 2, and I get so nervous already about having to use the proper terminology -- but I know that it is best to. There was a lot my mom never explained to me and I wished she did!

  10. Ugh - I need to start using the correct words I guess. Here at home, everyone calls their own stuff "their pee-pee"


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