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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moms Need Love Too!

Just one more day to get through, and then I can say, "I have officially survived the first week of school as the mother of a first grader!"

Eeks almighty!  It has NOT been easy.  We have had our "eat-lunch-at-school" dramas and "no-one-to-sit-by-on-the-bus" meltdowns.  We've been tired and grumpy, consoling ourselves with sugar cookies (for her) and stupid, poopy trail mix (for me).  (Side note:  This back-to-school stuff is driving this pregnant mama to the brink of an anti-Gestational Diabetes, "inhale-all-chocolate-bars" breakdown.)  I've cried.  I've prayed.  I've wanted to pull my hair out.  I've slapped a smile on my worn-out face and have tried to stay ultra positive for my kid.

My point is, this time of year can be hard on moms!  We pay fees and buy pencils.  We go school shopping for lunch boxes and shoes.  We pray our seventh graders don't get shoved into lockers.  We tearfully bid "farewell" and "good luck" to our brand spankin' new high schoolers.  Like "the jolly old elf," we make lists and check them twice.  We attend Parent Night and meet our child's teacher and hope he or she isn't a goober.  We do so much, and we do it because we love our kids like crazy!

Well, guess what?  I think moms need some back-to-school love too!  Here's a cute and easy gift idea you can make for your amazing mom friends, to show them your love during this hectic time of year:

First, I wrote a little poem and made some cute tags out of scrapbook paper.

Next, I tied ribbon on bubble bath I found at Target.  (Oh my gosh, this stuff is my favorite!  Ultra-moisturizing milk bath and body wash by Village Naturals Bath Shoppe.  I use it as bubble bath and it is fantastic!)

Lastly, I used tiny, painted paper clips to attach the tag to the ribbon.  I love how darling these turned out!

Did your kids start school this week?  Are they surviving?  Are YOU?!  Remember to take time for yourself this weekend, to breathe deeply, mellow out, and to relax!

Bubble baths help.

**Here is a copy of my poem, if you would like to use it:

It's that special time of year,
When the kids go back to school--
When mamas worry, maybe feel sad,
And start to lose their cool.

So if you're looking to soothe your soul,
There's one thing you can do--
Take a deep breath, soak in a hot bath,
And remember that I love you!    


  1. This is so sweet and thoughtful! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!

  2. Cute idea! Definitely going to pin this one. :)

  3. Awe! How thoughtful!! Great idea :)

    Yvonne @

  4. Awww! I saw you at the Serenity Now linky party and had to click over. My elementary aged son went back a couple weeks ago and my preschooler starts school this coming week. I loove back to school time and gifts for teachers and kids but have never thought to do a gift for the MOM! :)

  5. Love this!! What a totally cute gift idea :) Thanks for linking up.

  6. Mine have not started yet. I like the finished look on the product, that's a perfect gift.

    My son hates school lunches, lol (I pack for him most days), and my daughter doesn't like the bus. ;)

    Thank for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  7. What a cute idea!
    My youngest just started first grade. It's a bit different on this side. Especially because he's been watching his older siblings and couldn't be happier about being in school all day.
    (The only one happier about that is me!)

  8. You are such a sweet friend to do that!! I am glad you survived the first week, only twelve or so more years to go ;)
    Seriously though, you are an amazing mummy, everything will settle down soon enough. Sending heaps of love to you and wishing Lily a fantastic year at school :)
    Btw, you look so beautiful pregnant, I cannot believe how fast your pregnancy has gone (for me that is) I hope it has been a wonderful time for you (apart from the GD, I had that too with Liam) not long now and you'll be holding another sweet baby girl in your arms xoxo

  9. What a sweet idea! I love this. I can't wait to share it with my daughters.
    Thanks for linking up on Tickled Pink Times Two! I love having you there.

  10. you're too stinkin' cute!! i love your poem!! such a thoughtful person, aleisha!! ohmygoodness, how sweet is lilly! i hope first grade is going great for her - i can just imagine the awesome and detailed stories she tells you! btw - i LOVE her quip above! :)
    and her hello kitty outfit - i will be borrowing that! ;)
    i love you <3<3<3


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