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Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Mama's On Maternity Leave" Guest Post: Featuring COBI

I'm so blessed in my life to have "Mama Leisha" as my friend.  "Mama Leisha" is the most sincere woman and is such a light in my life as I know she is in yours.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.  Thank you from the bottom of my bosom, cause we're bosom buddies, just like in Anne of Green Gables.  Haha, ok off topic now, let's get back to my deep thoughts.

So!  I'm wondering if people ("you, me and the entire human race"-MJ) were just a little bit (and sometimes a LOT) nicer to one another, the world might be a better place?  It's the little things, right?

What if...
...we gave each other the benefit of the doubt?
...we thought the best of one another instead of the worst?
...we loved EVERYONE for their uniqueness?
...we prayed for someone instead of judging them?
...we jumped in and helped instead of watching?
...we realized we don't know everything?
...we sought first to understand than to be understood?
...we taught acceptance instead of differences?
...we lifted instead of put down?

This is just a few of a whole lot of behaviors I know I could be better at.  I've learned a lot in my short life time and know that I will continue to learn these things over and over until I don't ever do them again. 

I've learned that when I say "I'll never...", I'm then given the opportunity to prove it (I usually do the same thing).  I've learned that when I judge a situation, I'm then put in that situation and am judged. 
I've learned that when I gossip there are 10 times the amount of rumors or stories being told about me.  I've realized that when I'm quick to draw a conclusion about someone, I'm usually wrong and wish I would have spent more time with that person than pushing them away.  I've learned that it's better to pray for those that are mean to you than to hate them. 

For some reason the opposite of these lessons is what comes natural for me, anyone else?  (Please don't say I'm alone!)  For those of you who do not understand what I'm talking about, BLESS YOU!  (And please be my friend you lucky duck.)  I used to excuse by bad behavior with all the other good things I did.  However the good doesn't cancel out the bad.  The good fosters more good and the bad fosters more bad.  From these experiences I've come to truly believe that what goes around, comes around and if this is the case then I should only be doing good.  I realize I'm human and will fall short and when I do, you better believe I'm watching my back for what's coming. 

Here's something I've come up with, my own SWAPPORTUNITY CHALLENGE that I've been working on (not perfected).  These are just a few behaviors, but a good place to start.

How, Why, When did I come up with this challenge?

Years ago (4 to be exact) I was having a difficult time adjusting to my life being turned upside down; moving somewhere I didn't want to be, my husband rarely home, broke with 4 kids, my daughters struggling with school finally diagnosed with learning disabilities and my baby, nineteen months old, diagnosed with Autism.  The life I imagined was over and I felt all alone and lost with no way out.  I've been the recipient of all of these bad behaviors and know what it's like to be judged at the store with the child that can't cope, labeled and not given the opportunity to be someone's friend before I became their enemy, for I don't know what reason.  I've been told how to raise my kids and then ignored when I explain my child's situation.  I know the heartache and pain of hearing the whisperings of others about me that are so hurtful.  From these experiences I hope and pray I learn and change my behaviors for the good.   I'm NOT perfect, but why not give it your all.

Join Me!!! Maybe, just maybe we can change the world......
and hopefully spread a little PEACE.

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  1. I adore Cobi and definitely don't get enough of her awesomeness. She is an amazing example to me and always an inspiration.

  2. Love this! Love Cobi! Love it all! I totally agree with these little changes we can all make. It would make a world of difference!

  3. This was exactly what I needed today. I am working on a project with someone who is supposed to be helping me, but seems hell bent on thwarting me at every opportunity. My first instinct is to lash out at him, but I need to preserve the relationship because I work closely with him and it would make things awkward for both of us. Your swaportunity idea gives me some better options to still stick to my guns, but to come back with a gentle answer rather than a harsh one. I also have a situation with a girl from church who has been aggressively pursuing my son - he doesn't like her AT ALL and she won't leave him alone. I had planned to have a discussion with her mother, but maybe I need to understand the situation a little better and be more gentle about it.

  4. I love this, Cobi! Everybody needs to read and DO this!!

  5. Wow, wow, WOW Cobi. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today.


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