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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Celebrate Mothers; A Giveaway

In the eight years I have been raising my children, I have discovered that there are many things they don't tell you about becoming a mother.

They don't tell you about the borderline insanity you experience (I thought I had cancer of the kneecap) from lack of sleep during "the newborn stage." They don't tell you how to explain to your children what "the bird" is and why "flipping it" is a really bad idea. And they certainly don't tell you how to handle the tantrum of a six-year-old who wants to wear a ladybug costume to school!

I have learned numerous things about motherhood since that early morning when Lilly was born. I've learned about fevers, ear aches, play dates, speech therapy, diaper rash, school registration, developmental milestones, well child checkups, eczema, allergies, sippy cups, and snot. (They don't tell you about ALL THE SNOT! *shakes fist in the air*)

But I've also learned that children are patient and forgiving -- a true blessing when parents are fallible and prone to making mistakes! I've learned that the unconditional love small children have for their parents is boundless and inspiring.

And I've learned that being a mom is really, really hard.

But all of the not-so-good and not-so-pretty and not-so-shiny stuff about mothering pales in comparison to the magnitude of love a mother feels for her children. It shakes the ground beneath your feet, it transposes you to a holier place. It shifts your perspective to things that matter. It opens your heart to more joy than you thought it could contain.

Want to celebrate it all? The good, the bad, the snot (eew), the beautiful, the ladybug costumes, and the sometimes-painful aspects of motherhood? You can at the Listen To Your Mother show! (One of my favorite things in the whole wide world.) Because all of it should be celebrated! Mothers should be celebrated! You can purchase tickets at

I would LOVE to give away two tickets to Listen To Your Mother! The show is an experience unlike any other. (Hey, kind of like motherhood!) And I want for one of you to go. Entering the drawing for the tickets is easy. Leave a comment below! Winner will be notified via email on Wednesday!

In the eight years I have been raising my children, I have discovered that there are many things they don't tell you about becoming a mother...

And that is okay!
We get to figure it out together. 


  1. Would love to hear the show!! Motherhood is definitely the best journey (filled with joy and hard things) I have ever done. A mother's love for her children is tangible and real and makes me who I am.

  2. I have never one and would love to! (And p.s., I love reading your blog and being to claim that I know you!)

  3. Oh I would LOVE to go! I've heard such good things about the show!


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