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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Piñatas = Love

She calls me "Sparkles." I call her my little "Nugget of Love." (Because she's short, you guys!) It's a very beautiful thing we've got going on!

My friend, Emilie, is brilliant and creative and lovely. I adore her to Pluto (which IS a planet) and back. Her friendship has been a blessing in my life; her light has been a gift. She's a designer at Modern Yardage, and you can check out her genius here.

Friday, July 17, 2015

You Can't Say "Frogs" Without Saying "Stupid"

To be utterly honest, I was never really attached to Lucy Patterson and Bubba Johnson.

Our frogs. Our stupid frogs that became a part of our family when my goofball little brother decided they would make the coolest birthday gifts for our kids. (Puh-leeze.) Our stupid frogs who, vexatiously enough, seemed to have a mating problem. And by "mating problem" I mean they were regularly "locked" (FOR DAYS) in a position conducive to making babies. Or tadpoles, rather. Telling my kids, "Not to worry, they are hugging," hundreds of times a day got reeeeealllly, really old.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fair Feisty Fearless

 "Every daughter contains her mother and all the women who came before her." 
--Christiane Northrup 

I was watching Camren and Bridget play on the trampoline one typical and uneventful afternoon.

As I walked over to Bridget--to rescue her from her rowdy brother--I looked at the dainty shape of her face, the fullness of her lips, and the brightness of her pretty, blue eyes. Her sweet, baby gaze never left mine and I matched her familiar smile. A realization melted through me then--like sunshine on skin, like warmth and light:

I can see me.