Sunday, August 20, 2017

What Do I Know?!? (Not A Lot!)

Today, after answering all of my daughter's questions about puberty and periods and "hair in weird places," I realized something that gave me pause...

Lilly will be eleven next month!

ELEVEN! Eleven, eleven, eleven. When did that happen? HOW did that happen? She is growing up too quickly.

I cannot believe that I have been a mom for eleven years. Naturally I still feel like such a novice; like one stumbling around a pitch-black house during a nighttime power outage. I keep thinking the lights will come on any minute, and then..."EUREKA!" I'll get it! Illumination! I'll finally, finally know how to handle all things and all situations when it comes to being the mother of my delightful (and sometimes scary) children!  Until that day comes (and don't you dare tell me it's NOT coming), I'll sip my Diet Coke and think about what motherhood has taught me. I don't know much, but here's what I do know: 

--I will never "summit" the Everest-like mountain of laundry I constantly find overflowing from the hamper. *Sigh* There will always be laundry to do. It will never go away unless we stop wearing clothes. I look totally weird naked, so that option is O-U-T, out!

--More often than not, eating out as a family is a scary adventure. (How scary? "Tomato-slices-flung-at-old-ladies" scary! "Chocolate-milk-dumped-in-laps" scary! "Autism-meltdowns-involving-Cam-using-curse-words" scary!) We often order it "To Go!"

--When Sharpie claims their markers are permanent, they mean it.

--Poop in the tub will always and forever be as disgusting as hell.

--Grocery shopping or running errands while kids are hungry and/or tired, is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea.

--Watching my husband play "Frozen" with Bridget and her tiny little Elsa and Anna dolls is like enjoying a warm funnel cake at the state fair: It is a sweet, special treat!

--Being a mom is a very tough job. My "employers" are frequently difficult to work with. They are moody. They cry, they fight. There is NO PAY! Sometimes it is a thankless job.

--Being a mom is by far the coolest and most extraordinary job I've ever had!

--The cure for a long, challenging day is a cookie.

--The names "Ma, Mom, Mother, Mama, Mama Leisha, and Mommy" will never, ever grow old for me. They make my heart soar.

--Lastly, I am blessed beyond words.

(I don't know much, but I do know that!)

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