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I’m Thankful for Arm Floaties

Metaphorically speaking, I often feel as though my life is a vast sea of monotony and I am drowning in it.  Okay, okay!  Maybe not “drowning.”  That does sound a bit dramatic.  More like, “treading water.”  I often feel as though I am treading water, attempting to keep my head above the surface of my […]

Thankful He Showed Up

James and I were married on the 16th of August, in the Logan LDS temple.  (Seven years ago!)  It was a beautiful, summer morning–blue skies dotted by the occasional cotton-like cloud, and a warm breeze in the air, soft enough to resemble a whisper.  The sun was shining as brightly as the delicate bead-work on […]

“Chicken Bra”

My daughter, Lilly, loves to lend a helping hand in the kitchen. She laboriously drags a chair from our dinner table across the sandstone-colored tile floor in my kitchen, to the small counter space by the sink. She climbs up on the chair, and then stands at attention–ready to take culinary direction from me, “Mama […]